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Welcome to “Island Fresh Farm”
 -Organic Veg Box Delivery from Awaji Island-

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About Us

Our farm is managed by a single family (Tatsuki, Shino and kids).

Both of us love eating delicious foods, especially something produced carefully.
Before start farming, Tatsuki worked in African countries to develop farmers’ income, and Shino had working experiences in interior design field.

We moved to Awaji Island (Hyogo Prefecture) and started organic farming in 2016.
Awaji Island is blessed with sunshine and beautiful sea, and therefore vegetables grow to be so delicious and powerful.

Our vision is to let people know how attractive and enjoyable vegetables can be.
Through our farming experiences, we’ve noticed that the real tastes of vegetables are not widely known.
There are so many varieties of delicious and colorful vegetables in this world, but only limited variety of vegetables are supplied at supermarkets. 
Fresh vegetables right after harvested are so delicious, but the vegetables selling at supermarkets have less flavor due to the days spent after the harvest.
We try to provide real tastes of vegetables by producing and delivering different variety of organic vegetables in super fresh condition!

Growing Practices

Soil fertility:

We maintain soil fertility by rotating crops, applying organically-approved fertilizers. The fertilizers we use include horse/cow dung manure, rice bran, and oyster shell powder.

Pest control:

We use insect proof nets to protect vegetables from insetects. When necessary, we spray our crops with organically-approved controls, including Bacillus thuringiensis. Rotating our crops also helps us control insect pests.

Plant diseases:

We manage plant diseases by balancing soil nutrients, rotating crops, planting cover crops, and removing severely infected plants.

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Contents of Veg Box

We prepare set of vegetables most delicious in the season.

Veg Boxes consist of different types of leaf/root/fruit vegetables so that you can cook different dishes.

Our customers give us reviews  “ I was able to experience the round of the seasons by the vegetables” or “ I’ve realized the taste of some vegetables that I have never tried”.

Please let us know if you have any vegetables you don’t like or you are not excited about. We can customize



Most vegetables are harvested, packed and sent on the same day, and delivered to you on a following day.

You can get super fresh vegetables!



We attach an English letter introducing the characteristics and easy recipe of each vegetables delivered.

How to order Veg Box

“Regular (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly) Delivery”

see details below and register from online form


”Single Delivery”

go to online shop

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Details of “Regular Delivery”


*Prices include taxes but exclude shipping costs.

Size S (about 8 vegetables, for single person) ¥1,900

Size M (about 8 vegetables, for 2-3 person) ¥2,400

Size L (about 10 vegetables, for 4-5 person) ¥2,900



Delivery Frequency

Please choose from “weekly” ”every two weeks” “monthly”.


Shipping costs

- October to April: ¥900

- May to September :¥800 plus Refrigerated delivery fee ¥330

*Prices above are for Kansai/Tokai/Chugoku/Hokuriku ares. ¥100 is added for Kanto/Kyushu/Shikoku areas. Please ask for other area.



A bill is sent monthly. 

You can choose from “bank transfer” or “credit card online payment (Paypal) “ or “cash on delivery”.

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